Amazon and EBay are both different from each other. They both run successfully in the e-commerce business. But there is a difference between Amazon and EBay, Amazon as you know that it is an online shopping site where you can get various kinds of products just with one click. EBay is a place where you can buy, sell, and collect of products more or less it is just like those sites where you can get products at low price.


There is difference between Amazon and EBay like they have differences in the case of operation, payment, and shopping experience. I would prefer to Amazon since it is best as compare to EBay even though this both sites are running successfully on their own terms and condition. Through this article, we would discuss which one is better whether Amazon or EBay. There are various reasons why you should choose Amazon from EBay; you can find here in this article in brief explanation.


  • Firstly, in terms of EBay if you are going to sell some product then you have to work with two kinds of platforms like EBay and pay pal. Through this you have to set your own photos, write description about the product which you wanted to sell and then enter the price on your own which is kind of very difficult for the users if you are not experienced in this field in simple words EBay is very in complicated while Amazon is very easy to use and once you have set up the product name and forget it which is quite easy for the user to apply through Amazon. Since many customers like simple and elegance site while EBay is not organized company at all.
  • On Amazon, you can find the products with high price for most of the similar products. In EBay customer search for savings and unique products which is good and should be at low price but in case of Amazon user they don’t go for cheap product they look for the best product money does not matter since there is always competition between the buyers.
  • Amazon will always take less time and it is very easy to use since it is automated everything is done by them you just need to do one thing which is some basic task while EBay is based on manual task and it is very much time consuming for the customer to use it and sometime it is very risky for the seller.
  • They have difference in fee structure like EBay provides the customer or seller for entering that is their fees is based on your sale which is on a monthly basis. They have fees for the first listing per month is 50-100 which is very cheap as compare to Amazon. Amazon is much expensive than EBay.
  • EBay has very small and more specialized market while on Amazon there is a large number of customer base market. That is on EBay there is very buyers and seller who does bargainers, merchants or entrepreneur whereas on Amazon there are only ordinary buyers. So, in this case, I would prefer Amazon.


So, in this article, I would love to say that Amazon is the best and it is better as compare to EBay. Even though they two have difference both advantage as well, disadvantage but Amazon is the most simple and elegant and not complicated like EBay. So, if you are still confused which one to choose whether it is Amazon or EBay, you must try Amazon if you haven’t tried it is trustworthy and simple. Hope this article has helped you. Thank you.

iPhone 7 Plus Review

iPhone 7

iPhone has been conquering for years in the mobile phone market because of its unique looks and unique features. iPhone has become a popular smartphone for the users all around the globe as iPhone is designed with great durability, powerful and with stylish looks which make the People very attractive.

iPhone 7

After the enormous success of iPhone 5 and iPhone 6, they have recently launched another model which is iPhone 7 Plus with faster A10 processor, much more RAM, more internal storage, water resistance, better battery capacity, better camera, more stylish and with many unique features. Due to which the people have become crazy with this new model iPhone 7 Plus.

IPhone 7 has been recently launched on September 7, 2016. And it has already ruled in the mobile phone market. Now I am going to mention the various features and specifications of iPhone 7 Plus.

Specifications of iPhone 7 Plus:

  • Operating System

The operating system of iPhone 7 Plus is Apple iOS with A10 processor. Due to which this latest model of iPhone is going to be a great advantage for all the iPhone 7 Plus users.

  • Processor of iPhone 7 Plus

The processor of iPhone 7 Plus is given with Quad-core Apple A10 processor which is also provided along with integrated M10 motion and also with 64-bit architecture.

  • Display

The display of iPhone 7 Plus is provided with LED backlit with a 5.5-inch display with LCD capacitive touch screen.

iphone 7 display

It is also provided with multi-touch support along with high resolution 1920 X 1080 Pixels.

  • RAM and Battery

The iPhone 7 Plus device is provided with 3 GB RAM. And the battery capacity is much more improved as compared with the previous model. iPhone 7 Plus has 2750 mAH battery capacity which will provide you with long lasting battery.

  • Cameras

The camera of iPhone 7 Plus is really very interesting. This device is provided with a dual rear camera with 12 Mega Pixel eyesight cameras.

Not only this, but it also has f/1.8 and f/2.8 aperture, True Tone flash, and OIS.

iPhone 7 camera

And the front camera has 7 Mega Pixel with f/2.2 aperture which will offer you with amazing photos.

  • Storage and Speakers

iPhone 7 Plus has been launched with various internal storage such as 32 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. In the market, you can find with different internal storage model.

Moreover, the speaker of iPhone 7 Plus is really amazing. It is provided with stereo speakers which will give you a clear and attractive sound.

  • Protection

This device is a protected with water resistance. iPhone 7 Plus is provided with IP67 water and dust resistance which will keep your device very safe.

  • Sensors

iPhone 7 Plus is provided with a variety of sensors such as Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Gyrocompass, and Barometer.

sensors of iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 Plus is designed with 4 grams lighter in weight as compared to the previous model iPhone 6s Plus. The weight of iPhone 7 Plus device is 188 grams.

Whereas the dimensions are similar to the iPhone 6 Plus which is 158.2 x 77.9 x 7.3 mm in length, width, and thickness.


You will be able to get iPhone 7 Plus in the market as well as in online. The price will vary according to the storage of the device. For the 32GB model, it will cost Rs.72,000 INR, for the 128GB model it will cost Rs. 82,000 & lastly Rs92.000 INR for the 256GB model.

So, therefore, I hope you will be very helpful by reading this article and if you have any problem you can freely give comment.